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Ira & Sue Lances of Staten Island New York began making Wearables back in 1980 in NYC.

As the items became more Artsy Ira & Sue felt the need to start selling their one of a Kind Jackets and Scarves at various Arts & Craft shows throughout the country.

Many of the venues they currently attend offer awards for excellence and The Lances have been recipients of many awards for their unique designs. At this time Ira & Sue Lances are looking forward to showing their One of a Kind Jackets and Scarves and they hope to please the people who view them.

They create One of a Kind fabrics using several techniques

One of the techniques is called Handmade Chenille this process leaves us with a fabric which is reversible. The fabric is made at the singer machine and it is 4 layers of various rayon fabrics stitching them together then coming back and cutting thru 3 of the layers leaving one to be the layer, which is the lining.

Another technique is called Lace Chenille. This is a process in which they start out with yarns, threads, fine cording and by recycling the scraps of rayon from the reversible jackets. They then take the fibers and actually stitch them together right at the singer machine. The fabric when done has an open webbed or lace like look to it.

Also working in Appliqué technique these are very lightweight and sometimes done on a sheer fabric. By cutting thin strips of rayon sometimes edged using the pearl stitch machine then manipulating the fabrics to create a design they are appliquéd onto a fabric. All of the jackets and scarves have lots of color and texture and can be worn Day into Evening. Everything created by Ira & Sue Lances is also machine washable and dryable too!

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